We currently have four books in production for the first half of 2024. This includes Mug Shots a new collection of Lance Austin Olsen’s sequential drawings, and two books featuring stream of consciousness visual narratives: Lure by Jamie Drouin and Olsen, and Cascade by Drouin. We also have the first collaboration between critic/curator Donald Blackett and Olsen in a surrealist noir book titled Throw Caution to the Wind.

All four books will premier at the Vancouver Comic Art Festival (VANCAF) May 18-19.

Clouds and Rocks
Lance Austin Olsen

edition of 10
hardcover | vellum dust jacket
74 pages + one woodblock print
8 x 8 inches
$95 CAN (only 1 copy remaining!)

“Clouds and Rocks appeared from my habit of constantly drawing as a way to fix my place in the world, and my memories of being a child at a boarding school in Zimbabwe that tend to overwhelm me all these year later. My silent friends, the great balancing rocks Reefer and The Parrot sat, as now, beneath the cloud banks moving across the vastness of the sky.”

Shadow Worlds
Jamie Drouin | Lance Austin Olsen | David Sylvian
edition of 25
handmade folder + seven original prints
12.25 x 9.25 inches

the room was great
Lance Austin Olsen

edition of 50
softcover | perfect bound
40 pages
8.50 x 5.50 inches