Lance Austin Olsen (b. 1943) is a Canadian painter, printmaker, and composer. Olsen’s work focuses on the dialogue between his abstract visual art, and his parallel work in experimental audio composition.

The use of collaged and repurposed pieces of earlier work that is a hallmark of Olsen’s large-scale paintings, is echoed in his approach to printmaking, where a single single matrix is continuously repurposed to create new works.


Jamie Drouin (b. 1970) is a Canadian artist exploring contemporary suburban landscapes and the overlap of natural ecological processes with human activity. His practice spans a range of mediums, including photography, printmaking, drawing, and painting.


David Sylvian (b. 1958) is an artist and musician known for his solo work and collaborations with artists/musicians from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Sylvian is an exhibited and published photographer, and the author of three monographs, including the photographic essay ERR (Grönland, 2021).