Jamie Drouin | Lance Austin Olsen

The longterm creative collaboration between artists Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen had to find a new way of functioning when Drouin moved overseas to Berlin between 2012-2015. Up until that time, all of their collaborative sound works had developed through working closely together in the same studio. With the physical separation, Drouin and Olsen focused on their extensive studio recording archive, using those elements to illustrate themes of distance, and dislocation, through pre-recorded gestures. That work is best exemplified by the album Sometimes We All Disappear (Another Timbre, at78).

The Source represents a new direction in the ever-changing body of work under the Drouin/Olsen umbrella, and also their first album published together since Drouin’s return to Canada. To move forward, the duo first looked backwards to some of their earliest experiments over 18 years ago, and attempted to bring a similar fresh enthusiasm to working together again, highlighting the unique ways in which they collage together their contrasting interests and techniques.

Available as a high-resolution digital album from Bandcamp