Lee Noyes | Lance Austin Olsen

“In 2013, I was invited to Tijuana and Baja California to produce new audio works with the Mexican artists Roberto Romero Molina and Luis Ituarte. As part of my residency, I was also supplied with the materials to produce a series of visuals works. Although the materials and setup offered were dramatically different than my home studio, I tend to enjoy working with limitations, and quickly developed a way of drawing using handfuls of coloured pencils, tea bags, tea stains, and other simple materials to form multi-threaded lines and marks. These drawings began to resemble circuit diagrams, with particles and waves of current moving back and forth.

When I returned to home to Canada, I sent one of these drawings* to Lee Noyes as a compositional proposition. Lee’s fantastic realization of the visual score, along with my own contribution, were combined to form the album PARTICLES & WAVES.” – Lance Austin Olsen

Available as a high-resolution digital album from Bandcamp