Jamie Drouin

These two works reveal unique perceptual and sculptural experiences of white noise using simple, but formal procedures.

In BLINDS 1, an identical monaural white noise is placed in the left and right speaker. During the course of the composition, the proportion of the white noise uniformally extends in the left speaker, and shortens in the right speaker. This not only creates the effect of left-right panning, but also the perception of complex groupings of the events, in contrast to the regularity of the composition. The original concept was two pieces of semi-translucent paper moving across each other, beginning as two, and then merging along the overlapping edges.

GRADIENT 1 again places identical monaural white noises in each speaker, along with a basic EQ filter which systematically opens up to reveal lower frequencies over the first 20 minutes, and then switches roles to slowly remove higher frequencies over the second half. The white noise takes on various perceptual shifts and spatial associations through a gradual process of sonic addition and subtraction.

These works are specifically designed for playback on two speakers positioned at an equal distance from the listener’s head.

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