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There is a tendency to compare group musical improvisation to conversation, but that ignores the process of filtration and re-organization, either by room acoustics, or through the individual attentions of the listeners/performers in the moment. One could perceive The Wake for William H Bonney as a process of auditory digestion, first by the microphones and live sampling, and second through the solitary act of editing on headphones (I speak here about Olsen, who can often be imagined sitting in the corner of a café, the outside actors oblivious to the worlds he is creating between his ears). 

The single line of text on the inside cover of the cd is emblematic of this continuous action of change and mythologizing over time: 

“Born Henry McCarty, lived as Billy the Kid, died as William H Bonney”

Available both on archival CD, or high-resolution digital album, from Bandcamp.