fukushima rising

a graphic score in six movements

lance austin olsen


new growth


unused concept for infrequency editions cd packaging


a brief graphical tale


do you remember?

nostalgia radio

before the end of my journey 

before the end of my journey 
may i reach within myself 
the one which is the all, 
leaving the outer shell 
to float away with the drifting multitude 
upon the current of chance and change 

rabindranath tagore 

a tangible loss

dark night on the black dog hwy

the warrior rode upon the steed of light
into the ruins of his mind,
seeking solace from the world.
there the broken timbres of his life lay bare,
as ghostly mortals danced their shadow song.

jō mon kō jun 


if, not, then

transit 208-1 (after kesten)

a procedural text score for don buchla’s model 208 synthesizer.

jamie drouin


a summary of failures

there are some projects which defy completion, which seem to languish in sporadic starts and sudden stops. such is the evolution of this album, which began in early 2019, and was subsequently disassembled and reshaped numerous times, before being utterly forgotten inside an unhelpfully named folder.

this convoluted process was apparently necessary, it allowed me to detach my original intentions from the work, and to discover it like an artifact in an archeological excavation. time has altered and pitted the surfaces, shifted the forms, and allowed me the opportunity to embrace my failures.

jamie drouin

hear with both ears


life is a thought 
or slice of bread 
or cat’s meow 
or poem 
or diane wakowski 
or sex and life 
or sonic mush 
or technology developer 
or walking the valleys of the mind 
or fantastic sound 
or wave machines 
or ideas 
or live psychics twenty four/seven 
or polishing the mirrors of psychosis 
or burt lancaster with tony curtis 
or paulette goddard with erich maria remarche 
or charlie chaplin with everybody’s wives 
or strolling, skipping, library tinker, our song, our voice 
forever, silence, night, loss.

lance austin olsen